Path of Heaven

Enter Veridian

Veridian Fear, a teifling bard, has long been questing to understand the nature of a mysterious plague that struck his home village and wiped out the population. This local variation of the Spell Plague from forgotten realms turned the villagers into ravenous beasts that tore each other apart.

Veridian was studying at the Great Library at Dragonport and playing music at the Brass Hatchet Inn, when a barmaid told him of a rumor concerning a survivor from his village. The survivor is said to reside in White Lily, a town many miles north.

While on the road, Veridian caught a ride with a halfling caravan. One member of the clan lured him away from the camp one night and tried to rob him. In the resulting battle, the young halfling was killed and Veridian had to make a hasty exit.

Further down the road the bard stopped at a trading post where he made the acquaintence of Lt. Crawfield, a local commander in the Black Palm Company.



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